Piptadenia africana = Piptadeniastrum africanum

Known also as dabema (Ivory Coast) mbele, guli (Sierra Leone), agboin, ekhimi (Nigeria), atui (Cameroon), toum (Gabon), tom (Equat. Guinea), n’singa(Congo, Angola) and mpewere (Uganda).

Where it grows

Dahoma grows widely in West, Central and parts of East Africa.

Sapwood Clearly demarcated, light color  dahoma
Heartwood light brown to yellow-brown
Grain slightly interlocked
Height 120 ft with diameter of about 3'-4'
Green weight kg/m³ 900-1100
Specific gravity at 12 % M.C. (kg/m³) 690 medium
Volumetric swelling for 1% M.C. variation V% 0,54 medium
Crushing strength (N/mm²) C12 57
Static bending strength (N/mm²) F12 137
Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm²) E12 12300
« Poor
Good »
Sawing item40
Drying item40
Machining item40
Wood Bending item40
Gluing item40
Nailing item40
Finishing item40

End Uses

Fairly heavy constructional work as alternative to structural grades of oak, house framing, flooring, marine work, mining timbers and sleepers.


Medium or high strength, moderate or high durability and resistant to preservative treatment. Tough timber mostly for exterior use.

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