Kuusamon Hirsilatot factory

Factory 1"Kuusamon Hirsitalot OY" is a contemporary factory with many years of experience, with many constructions in Finland and with exports of approximately 500 houses every year in Europe and Japan. It is equipped with machinery of latest technological advancements controlled by computers which certify the perfect elaboration, cutting and application of the logs. The logs are chosen one by one carefully and are checked with laser for ideal quality. The factory "Kuusamon Hirsitalot OY" is affiliated company of the "Polkky OY" factory, one of the largest timber construction factories in Finland and composes one of the most important timber exporters to Europe and Far East.

The timber that is used for houses is scandinavian pine-tree (Pinus Silvestris). The timber comes from the forests of Kuusamo area, inside the Arctic Circle. The quality of scandinavian pine-tree and specifically of the pine-tree which is grown inside the limits of the Arctic Circle, is the best of Europe because cold climatological conditions act on the trees and the ground and the result is the creation of polar timber, which is very hard, very solid, with high net weight and mechanical endurance in crushing and bending, with low water absorptivity, high heat insulation and slow burning. The logs come from trees ages 80-120 years old. Factory 2Factory 3

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