Log Houses

spitia eisagogiThe houses made of conifer logs are luxurious, carefully made, with high quality materials and detailed design, that can not only satisfy but also amaze even the most demanding architect. It is the combination of nature and architecture which gives us a magic result, like our childhood dreams, where nature and its secrets played with our fantasy. They reflect the balance, the beauty, the peacefulness and the silent power of nature and forest. The timber is natural, friendly and warm material and so is harmonised nicely, more than other materials, in the place we live, move and relax. Which other house can communicate so nicely the happy feeling of comfort, warmness and peace? The factor of comfort on the inside, because of the natural source of timber, is the best we can have comparing to other construction materials. The lack of technical and chemical materials which are bad for the health, set the houses made of tree logs, absolutely hygienic and ecologic.

Apart from all the above, if we also include the minimum time that is needed for the construction and the very low cost of maintenance, we understand that is the ideal solution, as has been proved in all European countries and United States. There are ready architectural proposals from experienced foreign and greek architects, in a country style, or classic mountainous, or traditional greek but also in styles that can correspond to different locations and different applied architectural laws. The large library of designs, in combination with the architects of our company, will help you develop your own unique ideas for your personal life style. Our commitment for perfection can be seen in the quality of the logs, in the careful design and in the high standard of our specialised technicians. Our effort for the materialisation of beautiful houses is proved from many and important works we have undertaken in Greece.

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