Chlorophora excelsa

Known also as odum (Ghana), kambala (Congo, Zaire), mvule (East Africa), tule (Mozambique), abang (Cameroon) and moreira (Angola).

Where it grows

Iroko grows in West Africa and occurs from Senegal to Ghana and from Sierra Leone in the west to Tanzania in the east.

Sapwood yellowish white  iroko
Heartwood yellow brown to dark brown
Grain slightly interlocked
Height 160 ft with diameter of about 8'-9'
Green weight kg/m³ 1000-1100
Specific gravity at 12 % M.C. (kg/m³) 650 medium
Volumetric swelling for 1% M.C. variation V% 0,44 medium
Crushing strength (N/mm²) C12 57
Static bending strength (N/mm²) F12 118
Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm²) E12 9900
« Poor
Good »
Sawing item40
Drying item40
Machining item40
Wood Bending item40
Gluing item40
Nailing item40
Finishing item40

End Uses

Interior and exterior joinery, cabinets, garden furniture, interior fittings, window frames, flooring, work tops, vats, boat work and decking.


Medium strength, very durable and resistant to preservative treatment. One of Africa’s most respected species. Good substitute to Teak.

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