Aucoumea klaineana

Known also as okume and n’goumi (Equat. Guinea), angouma (Gabon) and n’kumi (Congo).

Where it grows

Oukoume grows mostly in Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Congo Republic.

Sapwood Demarcated, frevish white  okoume

light pink to dark pink, darkening to pink-brown on exposure

Grain slightly interlocked
Height 200 ft with diameter of about 3'-6,5'
Green weight kg/m³ 550-650
Specific gravity at 12 % M.C. (kg/m³) 440 light
Volumetric swelling for 1% M.C. variation V% 0,33 small
Crushing strength (N/mm²) C12 36
Static bending strength (N/mm²) F12 87
Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm²) E12 7800
« Poor
Good »
Sawing item40
Drying item40
Machining item40
Wood Bending item40
Gluing  NO DATA
Nailing item40
Finishing item40

End Uses

Interior joinery, plywood, blockboard, laminboard, facings and mouldings a substitute for mahongy, interior frames for furniture, boxes and crates.


Weak timber of light density, moderate durability and moderately resistant to preservative treatment. Okoume is exported more than any other African wood.


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