Tectona grandis

Where it grows

Teak grows throughout India, Thailand, Indonesia, Java and is indigenous to Burma. It has been introduced into Malaysia, Borneo and the Philippines, tropical Africa and Central America.

Sapwood pale yellow brown  teak
Heartwood dark golden golden brown, darkening on exposure to mid or dark brown
Grain straight (Burma), wavy (India)
Height 30-35 ft with diameter about 3'-5'
Average weight (kg/m³) 610-690
Seasoned gravity (kg/m³) 640
Crushing strength high
Bending strength medium
« Poor
Good »
Drying item40
Machining item40
Gluing item40
Nailing item40
Finishing item40

End Uses

Furniture, cabinets, decking for ship, boat building, handrails, planking, high-class joinery for doors, paneling, externally for dock and harbour work, bridges,garden furniture and floorings.


Teak enjoys a reputation for its strength and durability and its excellent decorative appearance.

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